This site shows photos of lighthouses and beacons in different countries. They are the result of my many trips along the coast and led me to impressive spots. These lights on the edge of land and water have many appearances varying from industrial lattice towers up to beautifully detailed cast iron towers . They are surrounded by heavy industry or are built on beautiful deserted islands. This versatility makes these objects to a willing subject for photographers. That’s why photographing lighthouses is still my great passion.


All photos on this website are divided into categories. Each country is a separate category. If you go to ‘photographs’ in the menu, photos are shown in chronological order. The overview above shows all categories, including the number of posts (photos) in that category. Each post is also provided with tags. Frequently used tags are ‘exterior’, ‘interior’ and ‘optic’. When clicking a tag, all posts (photos) with that tag are displayed in chronological order. One category is set up as a blog. Posts such as travel reports are placed in this category.

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